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Gucci founded the Kingdom of GUCCI founded in 1923 in Florence, Italy , the product has been covering clothing , shoes, purses , watches, home accessories, pet supplies, scarves and neckties, Gucci perfume was launched in 1975.  


The senior from Italy to lead the global fashion leather goods store super brand, the momentum has plummeted from family disputes to the regeneration of Tom Ford took over after the rise, Gucci Outlet from the cloud to the bottom, then the story from the bottom to the cloud is, indeed, a legend.

From the late 1940s to the 1960s, Gucci trotted out of the bag with bamboo handle, insert the metal loop of soft shoes, printed scarves and a series of classic design, the unique design of its products and fine materials, become a symbol of elegance and luxury, to Jacqueline Kennedy, Sophia Loren and Gucci Outlet Duchess of Windsor praised by celebrities such as ladies.

Rapidly changing fashion trends, since the mid-1990s, the Cheap Gucci fashion industry movers and shakers of a few brands, but Gucci is definitely one of the hottest. Gucci and many brands, the brand after a low period after period, before gradually returning to the international mainstream, in fact, Gucci Outlet the historical development of early Gucci, founder Guccio Gucci as early as 1898 in London will come into contact with Fusion, celebrities, and for their good taste fascinated.

2004 Milan winter Gucci Tom Ford's farewell show, his hands carrying a glass of whiskey to toast the audience to pay tribute, Cheap Gucci school chic calmly, as he is the image of the general lay Gucci sexy.

After World War II, due to lack of raw materials such as leather to canvas for the alternatives. Printed with the letter G pairs for trademark logo and eye-catching red and green as a symbol of Gucci in the kinds of canvas briefcase, handbag, Gucci wallet and other Gucci products. Gucci excellence in the luggage industry has developed with France's Louis Vuitton (Louis - Vuitton) famous brand. But also for Gucci Outlet other manufacturers around the world copied, imitated object. During this decade or two later, with the expanding range of products, the early years to Florence-based Gucci rapid rise development around the world have branches of international groups, products throughout Europe, America and Asia. Not only popular shoes, bags, boxes, etc., as well as clothing, perfumes, household items, scarves and other accessories.

It can be said, to a certain extent, it is precisely because of these species continue to expand and develop and improve the Gucci brand awareness, it is no longer limited to the existing market areas, and increasingly become the subject of attention of the brand. Because large numbers of fake imitation products, Gucci brand had to spend a lot of financial and material resources to fight to maintain its good corporate image. In fact, years of production and management, so that Gucci Outlet had some signs of classic products, such as flat shoes and gold jewelry never change is the tradition of quality products Gucci, Gucci is precisely the kind of shallow bottom without lace shoes, once its huge commercial profits. Gucci especially tanned leather products, leather and delicate pigskin product most see characteristics. 1989 Dawn Mello (Don - Mello) was appointed as its vice president and creative guidance to the glory of yesterday's luxury brand has become a symbol of a "must" fashion. Since 1994, Tom Ford (Tom - Ford) to make Gucci look.




Gucci men's first European flagship store opening in Italy Bula Lei

As Europe's first men's flagship store recently opened in Italy district, Gucci also become incorporated into the Italian luxury goods industry GoogleBusinessPhotos project first brand to launch on Google Maps (GoogleMaps) ... 


As Europe's first men's flagship store recently opened in Italy district , Gucci Outlet also become incorporated into the Italian luxury goods industry Google Business Photos project first brand to launch indoor scenes (indoor on Google Maps (Google Maps) view) applications. With this new feature from Google Street View technology , visitors can now enjoy on a virtual platform Gucci covers more than 500 square meters , cheap gucci belts a total of three boutique stores , feel brand creative director Frida ? Jana Ni (Frida Giannini ) interior design concept.

In this network is open to visitors to the brand platform , Google Maps users will be able to experience a 360 panoramic store and browse brand men's series. Flagship store on the first floor to the fashion, footwear , luggage and living accessories, small leather goods, Gucci sunglasses , Gucci watches , gucci handbags outlet jewelry and perfume based. On the second floor men's clothing line and footwear show , silk , and a wide variety of sunglasses and belts . The third floor has a private VIP fitting room offers exclusive tailor (MADE TO MEASURE) services , as well as custom-made men's shoes (MADE TO ORDER) services.

Users can through mobile phones, tablet PCs and desktop computer browsers and App navigation achieve this experience. On Android (Android) and iOS Google Maps application system software, users can browse the store using the accelerator scene , but gucci handbags outlet store just gently mobile electronic devices can navigate.



The Little Artist

In a fret of cleaning last night, I stumbled upon a new peice of artwork in my home. 


That's right.  This is my son's name painted in red on his bedroom wall. 


Instead of getting outraged, I stood back and admired his work.  Noticing that he most likely painted his masterpiece with his finger, secretly hidden behind his door, with complete pride.  Pride that he had written his name and made his mark on his bedroom.

We encourage creativity in our house.  I have lost countless canvases meant for projects to children's art, and we are constantly raving and encouraging their little brains to create new peices to hang on the fridge and on our walls.  And of course, we encourage our little guy, active in pre-school, to practice writing his name on everything that he does.

So, I stopped, mid-vacuum and admired his handywork- noticing that for once, he wrote his name without the addition of a pencil to grip as he tried so hard to write out his letters.

I asked him if he indeed wrote it and he proudly nodded yes.  I told him it was wonderful, but that is not where we write our name, and he will be helping re-paint his wall.



Outfit of the Day: Coral Maxi

Favorite color of Summer: Coral

If you couldn't tell; I mean I painted an entire wall the color.  And I found a skirt in the same shade. 

I also love maxi's.  They are like wearing yoga pants, but cooler (literaly), acceptable to wear to workm and they make your bum look good!

I wore this maxi to work with my cardi.


In my closet, I have a grey maxi, black, and teal.  With grey and black, I can get away with wearing any color I like.  Mix and match, and have fun with my top.  With teal, I've only worn black, white, or grey.  Boring.

And while I feel that the teal is the loud color of the outfit, I wanted to do something else with coral. 

So after a short closet search, I found this trusty American Eagle tank top from 2005.  Hence the reason I have a full closet; I don't get rid of clothes.  I always find a purpose for them later.  Even tank tops that I haven't worn in 3 years.

At least.

(Remember what I said about the bum?  Right?)

And paired it with my leopard cardigan that I bought from Target (on clearance of course) in 2010.

And yes, I wore shoes.  American Eagle sandals bought last January. 

 I just like the hippy feel of being barefoot in a maxi :)


Outfit of the Day rundown:

Maxi: Target, $18

Tank: AE, ???, 2005

Cardi: Target, Clearance, 2010

Sandals: AE, ?, 2012

Comfy Me: Priceless


Date Morning


Most couples do "date night"

We do date "morning". 



Because it is the only time that our schedule's allot for it.

And because both of us care about our marriage...and each other, we make time for it.  

To work on it, to nourish it, and to make it grow. 

So about once a month, we leave the kiddos with a family member (or two), and go have a hike, breakfast, or bum stores alone.

 Chatting or in complete silence.

And no, we don't look super sexy (although, I kind of think HE does), we don't go to a fancy dinner, or an expensive show, but we do get some bonding time.  

We remember why we married each other, how we're growing, and we like each other again. 


At least long enough to last until our next date morning :)




Mani Monday - Essie Turquoise and Caicos

I have been saving this Mani Monday post because to be quite frank, I wear this color often.

Like a lot - like it's my favorite.

And why?  Not only because it is my number one favorite color of all time, but because it lasts!



This picture above was taken this morning- exactly one week post painting my nails. 

Not great - but not bad at all!

So, check it out and mani your nails with Essie's Turquoise and Caicos and get Summer-y!


What's your favorite shade that lasts?  Share it and I'll check it out!


Outfit of the Day: Coral Shorts and Leopard


Since every post has been about coral, I thought to add another to the bunch. 

My Banana Republic coral shorts topped with a beige leopard number.

Perfect for any summer wardrobe.

Favorite part about this outfit - the back!

Normally, I wouldn't be too keen on showing my tank underneath, but this shirt doesn't give me any choice.  And since, I'd rather not share my bra or my tummy with the world, I am embracing the tank staps peeking through.

(See my coral wall in the background... oh and don't mind the laundry!)

Outfit of the day breakdown:

Shorts: Banana Republic thrift find, $4

Shirt: Charlotte Russe, $8

Tank: Styles for Less, $6